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Winner NVSHA award 2013 and 2016!

Pieter van Driel

Pieter van Driel
EM-Masterclass Mentor

Trained in the St. Elisabeth hospital in Tilburg, the opportunity was created to finish my training in Emergency Medicine in Westmead Hospital, Sydney Australia in 2003-2004. In this tertiary university hospital I had the privilege working with ´real´ Emergency Physicians (EP) in a ´real´ EM environment. This has been such an inspiring year that, after my return in the Netherlands, there remained only one professional goal: EM needed to become a specialty in the Netherlands.

This is what I have been aiming for working as an EP in the St. Elisabeth hospital in Tilburg. As member of the NVSHA board I contributed to the first recognition of EM as a so called ‘profile’. I was one of the authors of the competency based curriculum for the training of EP’s in the Netherlands. I contributed as a Dutch representative of NVHSA to the European curriculum for EM training.
Teaching is my passion. I love to see doctors grow in their knowledge and skills. Therefore I am very proud to have become the first director of training in EM in the Netherlands in 2011.
I am convinced a very important step in the development of EM in the Netherlands is for most EP’s to take part in the MNSHA masterclass program. I believe this program is contributing to the growth of knowledge, the way of approaching EM and the confidence of the EP in the Netherlands.

I am very thankful to all the faculty and mentors who are putting a great amount of time and effort into this masterclass in order to reach this goal. I am proud to work together with those wonderful people with all the same goal: improving EM care for our patients.

Kennis is macht. Kennissen is machtiger.
Mijn grootvader.

Country: Netherlands