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Winner NVSHA award 2013 and 2016!

Mariska Zwartsenburg

Mariska Zwartsenburg
The ED Critical Care Course

My name is Mariska Zwartsenburg. I’ve been practicing in Emergency Medicine in the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam since 2002, first as a resident, then subsequently as an attending. Various responsibilities and projects have crossed my path: from President of the Dutch Society of Emergency Medicine to Educational Coordinator for our training program, and analyst of
serious incidents in the hospital to obtaining a degree in Clinical Epidemiology. I’ve kept my knowlegde up to date by taking all three MNSHA Masterclasses, and delving deeper and deeper in the world of twitter and blogs.

Currently, I’m working with various teams on designing multifunctional patient spaces for both children and adults (part of this is an actual Pediatric ED), the curriculum and faculty development of ED Nurse Specialists, and improving resuscitation of the critically ill patients together with my collegues from Intensive Care and Cardiology. Also, I’m conducting research in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Monitoring in the ED. What I like most is working on a project with a team, trying to bring out the best of the team members’ talents.

For me, from a clinical perspective, SIM of (components of) resus of critically ill patients is the embodyment of that. It provides an energy driven environment for learning as a team and as an individual member, with context clinically applicable to the very next actual patient coming though the door. I think this is key, because as Emergency Physicians, I feel we should be expert critical resuscitationist. I look forward to discuss this and more during the Critical Care Course!

Country: Netherlands