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Winner NVSHA award 2013 and 2016!

Eleanor Loughhead

Eleanor Loughhead
EM-Masterclass Mentor

I am a dual trained Paediatric Emergency Physician (FACEM PEM) and have been working in the emergency department at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmania’s only tertiary hospital, from 2018. My portfolio is (surprisingly) paediatrics with an emphasis on teaching and quality improvement. As well as working in my usual Emergency Physician role, I am a Clinical Supervisor for Paediatrics in the ED (mostly a teaching role), a facilitator on the local Emergency Paediatrics Course, and a member of the Paediatric Clinical Guideline Group.

I started my working life in Tasmania with a science degree majoring in Plant Science, Biochemistry and Microbiology but decided to do medicine after realising the paucity of science jobs at that time. I studied at the University of Queensland and spent the next 15 years doing a working tour of the country with lots of sight-seeing whilst I finished my training and before returning home.

In my spare time, I am a keen traveller and environmentalist. I am gradually working my way around the planet (have ticked off 25 countries so far) and am itching to get back out to see the world post-pandemic. In the meantime, I will satisfy myself combing Tassie’s beaches for marine debris.