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EMMC Anniversary meeting

In for a reunion or a party with colleagues from all over the Netherlands?

Want to be loaded with new knowledge, or refresh your existing knowledge and skills?

The moment to Catch up with colleagues. Update your knowledge and work on your CME.

  • 28th till the 30st of September 2022
  • CME requested
  • € 1.600,00 (hotel and dinner included)

Celebrate 10 years of EM Masterclass with us.

Join us for two days, and renew your Emergency Medicine enthusiasm with us! Improve your consultant approach with deep dives into medical content and skills. As always, there will be an interesting and fun program with keen participants and senior faculty.

Personalised program

Participants will be given the unique opportunity to suggest specific content in advance for these days! We will do our best to incorporate these into the program.

Social interaction & networking

There will be plenty of time to catch up and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, while enjoying good food and entertainment.


We will start on Wednesday 28 September at 19:00 with a celebratory dinner. If you have the time, arrive early and enjoy the lovely forest surrounding the hotel, then join us at the bar from 17:00. The program will launch into educational sessions on Thursday and Friday 29-30 September.

What to expect?

  • Workshops, group discussions, and skills training on topics from all previous EM-Masterclass modules
  • Preview: content from the NEW EM Booster program: RSI package
  • Preview: content from the NEW Paediatric Masterclass 2023
  • All education packed with structure and consultant approach
  • Lots of good vibes and fun

What will you take away?

New energy, focus, and plans, but also free access to quarterly EM-Masterclass style refresher cases with on line mentor sessions, for six months following these Anniversary Days.

  • FtF day 1: sep 28, 2022
  • FtF day 2: sep 29, 2022
  • FtF day 3: sep 30, 2022