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EM-Masterclass Paediatric Emergency Medicine 2023

The Paediatric Masterclass is a new Masterclass, giving participants a deep dive into the world of children’s emergencies. The Masterclass covers the common presentations of children in Emergency Departments, the so called bread and butter of Paediatric Emergency Medicine. There will be lots of new material, as well as a few updated paediatric topics from other Masterclass modules. As always, delivered as adult education, tailored to your own personal level of expertise. The Masterclass will give you a study guide with reference to up-to-date evidence, mentor meetings, study groups and plenty of interaction on the face to face to days. More information regarding the outcome and format.

EM Masterclass is a Dutch initiative to support the development of Emergency medicine in the Netherlands and Europe. Masterclasses encourage Emergency physicians to obtain knowledge, self-confidence and structure to develop consultant level decision making. EM Masterclass is a not-for-profit independent organisation, endorsed by the NVSHA (Dutch Society for Emergency Medicine).

  • FtF day 1: sep 5, 2023
  • FtF day 2: okt 17, 2023
  • Closing days: 13-15 December 2023