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EM-Masterclass Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergency Medicine 2022

Are you an Emergency Physician and eager to gain consultant level decision making skills and strengthen your knowledge in a specific field of Emergency Medicine?

EM-Masterclass is a Dutch initiative to support the development of Emergency medicine in the Netherlands and Europe. Masterclasses encourage Emergency physicians to obtain knowledge, self-confi dence and structure to develop consul tant level decision making. Inspired, mentored and supported by experienced Emergency physicians from Australia, UK and the Netherlands, participants are educated in both face-to-face days and online mentor contact. Each Masterclass offers an unique study guide, personal mentoring, contact with a study group and a forum and several contact days.

  • FtF day 1: feb 8, 2022
  • FtF day 2: mrt 22, 2022
  • Closing days: 18th till 20st of May 2022